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April 22


Not too much to write about today. Feeling okay, face looks fairly clean, back aswell. Slept okay too.

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— 19 hours ago

April 21


Time to start the cut. Eating 2800 starting today.

The plan was to go out for dinner tonight but got cancelled due to my dad’s stomach problems, probably diary related (i think)

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— 1 day ago

April 20

Birthdayparty last night, was okay i guess. Nothing too special. The bar we were in had some good music when we arrived, but got pretty crappy after an hour or so. My mate left with his girlfriend after a few hours, so it was just me and my other mate along with the other people from the party. Didn’t really talk to anyone besides the birthday girl and her sister.

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— 2 days ago

April 19

Weighed in at 82.9kg, had some sandwiches before bed and had a late dinner so i’m not gonna log it.

Slept okay, though i had some slight trouble getting to sleep as my mind still felt a bit busy after my mates left. I expected it, so no biggy.

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— 3 days ago

April 18


Finally replaced my toothbrush. I’ve been meaning to do so since the start of this year but sort of forgot about it haha.

The difference in stiffness is huge. I should stick to changing to a new one more often.

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— 4 days ago

The Fisherman | by: [Jared Atkins] 


The Fisherman | by: [Jared Atkins

(Source: WOLVERXNE, via umq)

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April 17


Slept well again, i guess. Weird that, even though i didn’t do anything at all yesterday, i still managed to sleep for 8 hours.

Face is getting better, slowly but surely, and so is my back.

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— 5 days ago

April 16

Got my tan on today. Clear blue skies with barely any wind and an empty schedule left me with no other choice lol.

Slept well till around 9.30, and decided to stay in bed for another hour.

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— 6 days ago

April 15

82.2kg, not completely empty.

Made some eggs and bacon for breakfast cause i’m getting bored by the usual sandwiches every day.

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— 1 week ago

April 14

Oral exam today. Slept well till around 9 - 9.30.

Feeling slightly nervous again, though i guess that’s normal.

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— 1 week ago