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April 15

82.2kg, not completely empty.

Made some eggs and bacon for breakfast cause i’m getting bored by the usual sandwiches every day.

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— 19 hours ago

April 14

Oral exam today. Slept well till around 9 - 9.30.

Feeling slightly nervous again, though i guess that’s normal.

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— 1 day ago

April 13

So, went out last night. I decided to take my bicycle and drive to town ,get some fresh air and help me sober up when i go back home. I met up with 1 mate who arrived by bus at the station after arriving early. I brought my bike to the parking thing and walked back to the station to wait for him.

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— 2 days ago



The Rock yelling FOCUS because I said so

Like I can focus on anything but those arms. sweet jesus. 

Haha more of them! I love it!

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April 12

I notice i’m fully rested after about 8 hours of sleep. Maybe because i don’t have any classes lately so i spend most of the time at home, lol. But when i go to bed at midnight i usually wake up around 8.30am, and after that i can’t get back to sleep.

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— 3 days ago

April 11


Slept okay, though had some slight trouble getting to sleep, again.

My ‘teardrop’ on my quads felt destroyed from the leg extensions haha, guess thats good.

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— 4 days ago
every-day-motherfucker asked: Awesome work bro, great blog!


Much appreciated brah thanks!

— 4 days ago

What sorcery is this? O.O

But where does the hair go?


What sorcery is this? O.O

But where does the hair go?

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April 10


Did jack shit today, to summarize lol. Read through my summary a bit and made a few notes, browsed the web a lot, ate, worked out, and watched Red Dawn.

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— 5 days ago